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Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Dining & Catering

Whether you're looking for a restaurant to relax and enjoy top-notch cuisine, or attentive catering for an event, Vicky's Mexican Restaurant, LLC has you covered. Our Mexican food is unrivaled, and we have gained a reputation for having the most fluffy and fresh tortillas in the area.

Food - Mexican Restaurant

Hours of Operation:
Monday–Sunday, 5:30 a.m.–3:00 p.m.
Proudly Serving San Antonio, Texas,
and those within a 40-Mile Radius
Involved in Our Local Catholic Church
and Other Local Charities for Veterans

Who We Are

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Vicky's Mexican Restaurant, LLC is home to chefs that have been serving up signature Mexican dishes since 1996. Our environment is relaxed, and our friendly servers are quick to learn customers' names. Make reservations or come right in, as there is plenty of room in the restaurant.

We can seat more than 300 customers in all, with more than 120 able to fit in the banquet hall during events. The high ceilings make for an elegant atmosphere, but don't worry about breaking out the formal wear; casual dress is completely acceptable. Ask us about renting out the banquet room for any occasion. Our parking lot and additional off-street parking will make it easy for your guests to find a spot.

Feel free to contact us about the menu options or catering offered here at Vicky's Mexican Restaurant, LLC.